Beauty for ashes

The beginning of a search for hope and healing

Life can throw difficulties in our path that can leave us feeling frustrated, anxious, crushed and helpless. Our upbringing, culture and significant life events can affect the way we view ourselves and how we live our lives.  The way we respond to problems may reveal deeper hurts or unmet needs, causing emotional pain and a feeling of being lost. Just as physical pain pushes us to go to the doctor, so emotional pain may cause us to seek help.

For many people, admitting they are struggling to cope can leave them feeling vulnerable and weak, but yet there are things deep inside that they know they need to share.  For some, change may risk experiencing rejection, but yet somehow, the fear of continuing to feel dead inside pushes them to a place where daring to dream far outweighes any fear of rejection or failure.  What is your story?

My aim is to support my clients to move from a place of feeling perhaps lost and alienated to a place where they feel more connected to themselves and to others.  With greater authenticity, people are often more willing to let go of who they think they should be in order to be who they really are - a person with a strong sense of love and belonging.


"Some flowers need to be alone, for some time, even if it’s lonely. They need to find themselves, to stand in their own light."




- learning healthier ways to manage stress and anxiety
- developing skills that will improve how you communicate
- relationship breakdown
- support following loss or bereavement
- building a healthy self-image
- complex trauma (childhood abuse, neglect or abandonment, ongoing domestic violence or abuse)
- experiencing on-going sadness or depression
- struggling with a lack of meaning in life
- help with life transitions

These are just a few of the sorts of issues I help people with.  

I have gained considerable experience working and supporting people with a wide range of issues. Personal and professional experience of trauma and abuse has instilled a passion and dedication in me to help those who have been similarly affected.